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Cooking Tips:


Frying pan: using butter and/or oil place frozen pierogies in the pan cooking on lower heat until thawed and browned on both sides about 7-10 minutes. * Dinner pierogie may take longer especially meat pierogies.


Deep Frying: Place frozen in the deep fryer on 350 degrees. Dinner pierogies take about 7 minutes and fruit are about 5. The fruit taste best when still cool a little bit, but meat not at all ;).


Baking; Place in a 9x13 type pan with butter and/or oil on the bottom in a 350 degree oven. Cook about 25 minutes turning over once. Meat may need longer.  Please know all ovens, deep fryers and stove tops are different so don't leave your pierogies unattended. Times and tempatures may vary. This is just a guide.

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