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About Us


I started making pierogies in December 2010 for Christmas dinner and I was hooked!  I absolutely loved doing it.  With my strong faith in God, I asked him what to do and it was decided to embark on a journey of making a product that I love with the highest quality ingredients, adding a dash of love and kindness to each one.


There is something about making a product from start to finish that gives me joy.  It is a great accomplishment.  The creativity is amazing and I started trying to make pierogies that were unique with ingredients that I enjoyed eating.  I started with Buffalo Chicken to try to sell my husband on the idea and soon I was making pierogies out of anything and everything edible.


If you have a creation you would like me to make for you or you think would be a good idea, please don't hesitate to contact me with your ideas.  If it can be done and is edible, I will try it.  God Bless!

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